Author: rayro

i'm in a lady gaga cover band.

primary function mix

      rayro - primary function mix

excerpts from 9 new (unfinished) tracks, transitions using audio from an old jim henson video. mix quality isn’t the best, but the general intention of each song is intact. which ones should i work on further ?

1. True Freedom 3 (Oct)
2. Preparatory 1
3. Opposites Detract
4. Upside Down
5. Halloweed
6. Egyptology
7. True Freedom - Spiked
8. Hallo
9. Miracle Arpeggiations

inherently wrong mix

i’ve been hustling up new tracks on the mac/ableton setup. here’s an 8-minute mix highlighting some cool moments recorded last week. neato.

      rayro - inherently wrong mix

track order: frumperty morgan, uncle 3, xanadu dub, farmers market, and brand new xanadu.

rohembo pre-mix

here’s a minimal freestyle, just a nice electric piano and custom crispy drumkit. mac+ableton. rayro – rohembo – premix (thinking about buying the domain name rohembo.) EDIT (09/16/2011): i now own and operate … gotta think of a clever…

filmed beats

filmed a freestyle session tonight on the kb37, triggering some cut-ups of an old instrumental vinyl alongside some custom beats. macbook pro+ableton. side-chaining!

10 years ago

reflecting on some of my tracks from this month 10 years ago, july 2001 – simple gated beats, chippy synths, and ping-pong delay yo:

      rayro - 7/9/2001 Festivities

      rayro - 7/11/2001 Cool Wave

      rayro - 7/24/2001 Sessions

      rayro - 7/26/2001 Sessions

studio pic

this is what im working with now. heres a quick audio/beats experiment. i’m still a pre-schooler with ableton, but its starting to become a viable tool for composition. rayro – mac ableton beat wankery

unfinished remixes

i tend to leave projects unfinished. example, these two attempts at remixing a coupla cool electronic artists, neotropic (@ladyhusk) and heartsrevolution (@hrtsrevolution). they were sounding pretty good too. boo me. rayro – neotropic – tall fences rayro – heartsrevolution -cyoa

german smitys – remastered

i remastered (i.e., applied strategic eq/compression to) one of my favorite tracks from october of last year. and its accompanied by a preview of my new character “bitmap charlie”. let’s hope you enjoy. rayro-german-smitys-revisited