primary function mix

      rayro - primary function mix

excerpts from 9 new (unfinished) tracks, transitions using audio from an old jim henson video. mix quality isn’t the best, but the general intention of each song is intact. which ones should i work on further ?

1. True Freedom 3 (Oct)
2. Preparatory 1
3. Opposites Detract
4. Upside Down
5. Halloweed
6. Egyptology
7. True Freedom - Spiked
8. Hallo
9. Miracle Arpeggiations

inherently wrong mix

i’ve been hustling up new tracks on the mac/ableton setup. here’s an 8-minute mix highlighting some cool moments recorded last week. neato.

      rayro - inherently wrong mix

track order: frumperty morgan, uncle 3, xanadu dub, farmers market, and brand new xanadu.

rohembo pre-mix

here’s a minimal freestyle, just a nice electric piano and custom crispy drumkit. mac+ableton.

      rayro - rohembo - premix

(thinking about buying the domain name rohembo.)

EDIT (09/16/2011):

i now own and operate http://www.rohembo.comgotta think of a clever way to use it.

filmed beats

filmed a freestyle session tonight on the kb37, triggering some cut-ups of an old instrumental vinyl alongside some custom beats. macbook pro+ableton. side-chaining!

10 years ago

reflecting on some of my tracks from this month 10 years ago, july 2001 – simple gated beats, chippy synths, and ping-pong delay yo:

      rayro - 7/9/2001 Festivities

      rayro - 7/11/2001 Cool Wave

      rayro - 7/24/2001 Sessions

      rayro - 7/26/2001 Sessions

studio pic

this is what im working with now.

heres a quick audio/beats experiment. i’m still a pre-schooler with ableton, but its starting to become a viable tool for composition.

      rayro - mac ableton beat wankery

unfinished remixes

i tend to leave projects unfinished. example, these two attempts at remixing a coupla cool electronic artists, neotropic (@ladyhusk) and heartsrevolution (@hrtsrevolution). they were sounding pretty good too. boo me.

shogun – neurofibra mix sketch

mastered an early-stages remix of shogun, created by my neurofibra co-conspirator.

      shogun - neurofibra sketch mix 1

german smitys – remastered

i remastered (i.e., applied strategic eq/compression to) one of my favorite tracks from october of last year. and its accompanied by a preview of my new character “bitmap charlie”. let’s hope you enjoy.


unwelcomed – sketches

i think i’ll call this new comic “unwelcomed”, and release three panels at a time. here’s a sketch of how three panels might pan out.


practicing drawing rats, need to learn cockroaches next. i have this idea for a new post-apocalyptic comic. this one’ll be better than all the rest.

musical back catalogue

several of you on the internet have asked where you can download some of my past music, (no one asked), and so i’ve decided to indulge you with a bulk post of perpetually unfinished tracks from many moons ago. same moon, different appearance i guess. anyway, here we go:

test mobile


hey im talking to you on my website with my telephone

rayro – shogun 2011 session

hi everyone. i decided to call this one “shogun” because… well, really it doesn’t matter why. the important thing is that is that you enjoy these chill vibes and accompanied drawring.

      rayro - shogun session

new track – alay oof


more play time, beats + chord progressions and such.

new track – what fate sees fit

freestyle piano diddling, as per what fate saw fit to favor.

      rayro - fate sees fit

new track – conferred hardship

new experimental beat session

      rayro - a conferred hardship

all clapping and clap-related sound in this track was performed by little people to whom the art of clapping, and its associated hardship, was passed down by their forefather-ship of clappers.

october 2010 tunes

enjoy a few rough tracks concocted during my birth month.

      rayro - piano trods

      rayro - german smitys

      rayro - 97 bpm theme song

and a special extra. a drunkenly composed piece about social networks, weapons plants, and computer problems.

rayro – Social Networks (drunk mix) by rayro

all errreally good stuff. let’s see what november brings.

aug-sept 2010 croon sessions

sometimes i like to whip out the ol’ microphone and sing about what’s on my mind.   these last coupla months were rife with lyrically-infused musicality, for better or for worse.  but hey, here are a few tracks:

      rayro - life strife rife

      rayro - anabelle lee

      rayro - pottery in your face

      rayro - two fishies

      rayro - 35 alive

      rayro - LED

      rayro - floating cars

all unpolished and a bit embarrassing, but there are some cool moments in each.  talk to you later.

angry computers

angry computer sketches!

random rayro musicality

here are some cuts i plucked from the archives to test a line-up of playable mp3’s

      rayro - shooby RIP

      rayro - granmaBEATS

      rayro - rwandan ambience

      rayro - robot friend

cool deal.

rayro’s summer 2010 music mix

you’ve all been waiting for it, its finally here.   rayro’s 2010 summer music mix, in a 58 minute mp3 module.

      rayro's summer mix 2010 mp3

(ps:  no one’s been waiting for it.)


  1. Oriol – LW
  2. Roel Funcken – Vertox Dreaming
  3. Bonobo – Kiara
  4. Redinho – Nuff Prang
  5. Mux Mool – Hog Knicles
  6. Sepalcure – Down
  7. Eskmo – Hypercolor
  8. Jan Jelinek – Palmen Aus Leder (live remix by Pole)
  9. Funckarma – Delibel
  10. Lone – Endlessly
  11. John Frum – Shreveport Shuffle
  12. Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit
  13. Onra – My Comet
  14. Shigeto – Baker Blunt Basics
  15. Autechre – Pt2PH8

my fav tunes i’ve been enjoying this summer, new stuff from 2010 mostly